Chapel and Grounds

Chancel of Cairo Street Chapel

The Lectern

This was a gift of the congregation in 1897 and is in memory of John Aiken M.D., his sister Anna Letitia Barbauld and their mutual friend John Howard, the Prison reformer, who often worshipped in the chapel.

Chapel Gates and Vestry Clock

C Hapel Gates

Erected in 1865, the gates have been recently restored and painted black and gold in memory of Frederick Monks to commemorate the links of the Chapel with the town of Warrington. Frederick Monks, a member of Cairo Street Chapel, presented the Golden Gates to the Borough of Warrington.

Frederick Monks 1834-1912 was a famous member of the chapel, an entrepreneur and industrialist, his enlightened treatment of his workforce was influenced by the ethical preaching of Pearsall Carpenter. Frederick Monks was made a freeman of Warrington in 1897. A clock, presented to Frederick on his retirement by his workforce, now resides in the Chapel Vestry.


The Chapel’s association with the Warrington Academy, a Dissenting Academy of distinction is illustrated in the tablet dedicated to Edward Garlick. A student at the Academy at the time of his death, he was a native of Virginia. Another tablet records John Andrews Wilson of Rivington who too was a student at the Academy at the time of his death.

The tablet by the left door commemorates the Revd. John Aikin DD, lecturer at the Academy and father of Anna Laetitia Barbauld. The chair of his son, John Aikin MD, ‘the Aikin Chair’, is sited to the side of the altar.

Burial Ground

Gaskell Family Vaults

Chapel Grounds 2

In the burial grounds, there are vaulted graves of the Gaskell family who were members of the congregation for many generations.

A member of the family, William Gaskell, an influential Unitarian, Minister of Cross Street Chapel, Manchester was the husband of Elizabeth Gaskell novelist. Their infant son is buried in the burial ground. It was his death whilst they were on holiday in North Wales and Elizabeth’s subsequent depression that prompted William to suggest that Elizabeth write her first novel to overcome her grief.

Frederick Monks Family Vault

Family members are interred in both the burial ground and the Remembrance Garden.

Priestley Gates

The wrought iron gates marking the lower entrance of the chapel burial ground are from the house lived in by Joseph Priestley at Academy Place.