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This page provides access to our Newsletters and other leaflets which have been produced, covering many of the people who have been influential over the history of the Chapel.

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Chapel Newsletters

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Historical Information

  • A general leaflet on Cairo Street Chapel, Warrington's 2nd oldest place of worship: Chapel and Churchyard
  • A more detailed history of the early years of Cairo Street Chapel: A Shortened Early History
  • This leaflet provides a comprehensive history of the Warrington Anti Slavery Society, organised and run by members of the Chapel ... which was rediscovered during our research: Cairo Street Abolitionists

Various leaflets have been produced on the Gaskell family

  • The Early Gaskells, detailing their roots and how the family developed in two generations from labourers and weavers to sailcloth manufacturers, brewers, merchants and factory owners : The Early Gaskells
  • William Gaskell Sailmaker, whose children inherited his strong ethical values and beliefs: William Gaskell Sailmaker
  • Margaret Gaskell, William's wife (later married Dimock): Margaret Gaskell Dimmock
  • Revd. William Gaskell. One of the most prominent Unitarian Ministers of the 19th century, Minister of Cross Street Chapel, Manchester for over 50 years, married to Elizabeth Gaskell, the novelist. This booklet looks at how his childhood at Cairo Street Chapel influenced his later adult life: Revd. William Gaskell
  • Samuel Gaskell His progressive mental health reforms of the patients at Lancaster Asylum led to him being appointed as Commissioner for Lunacy for England and Wales: Samuel Gaskell
  • Robert Gaskell and his wife Susan (Carpenter). A Warrington businessman, Chairman of the Warrington Anti Slavery Society. Built and opened a free school in Sankey: Robert Gaskell & Susan Carpenter
  • Elizabeth Holland nee Gaskell Married into the Holland family in Liverpool, prominent members of Ancient Chapel, established many charitable institutions for the poor of Seacombe including a nursing service, training workshops for the unemployed and a centre where families could gather in warmth and comfort: Elizabeth Holland
  • Holbrook Gaskell A prominent Warrington industrialist whose financial interests included a cotton mill. He was a prominent, radical Whig politician, much abused for his Unitarian faith by his Tory opponents. He advocated the ending of child labour in Warrington's factories: Holbrook Gaskell Radical Whig Politician
  • Holbrook Gaskell Industrialist, Cousin of William, Samuel etc., art and plant collector. Established the Southport flower show. Buried in Cairo Street burial ground, two of his sons are buried in Gateacre: Holbrook Gaskell Industrialist
  • Edward Dimock Second husband to Margaret Gaskell, Minister at Cairo Street. Succeeded the Revd Broadbent at Cairo Street. Helped establish Croft Unitarian Chapel: Rev E R Dimmock

  • William Broadbent Appointed Minister at Cairo Street with the full support of the Gaskell family. In belief, he was a Unitarian which was shared with most of his congregation and his advocacy of Unitarianism persuaded the vast majority of Presbyterian churches in Lancashire and Cheshire to formally become Unitarian: Broadbent Family